the Hong Kong occupation protest was going on at the time see the start of the video:








the paintings are titled according to image: Audrey Hepburn, Michael Caine, Blondie, Scarface, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse, sizes are 3 ft by 3ft (91.5 cm), 5 ft by 5ft (152.5 cm) and 7 ft x 7ft. (213.5 cm). Acrylic on canvas, 2014 apart from beige on red Scarface which was made in 2013. Curtain between office and gallery: two examples of: TBC, 2014. Screen print on shower curtain, 200 x 180 cm, edition of 10 + 4, a collaboration with David Ancelin/Macumba night club ├ęditions, with thanks.




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