Merlin Carpenter

Limazulu Project Space

London n4

December 11-16, 2012. Vernissage: DECEMBER 11, 2012

images of show:


































Review of Merlin Carpenter's show "Funky Town" by Tony Pearson in his new critical art theory magazine Quantity Street.

Whispered: italics "The Horror ! The Horror!"
Who can forget weird Al "The Grandpa" Pacino's icronic last words as evil timelord General Geoffrey Kurtz in Francis Ford Coppola's nightmare vision of the war "Whoops Apocalypse", in italics, whispered, "The Horror! The Horror!"

Then i wrote an hilarious bit about "The Peter Falk lands Columbo coke Crisis, when it ran out, and the Thatched City couldnt stay awake to fund the nuclear bombs over Greenwhich Column, the bra bonfire". Out of this blancmange comes the latest exhibition of paintings by etc you know the rest.





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