These works, painted in Antibes in 2010/2011, were first shown under the rubric Au Café in Nice in the summer of 2012, in collaboration with PROVENCE, at a bar and at a real estate valuation office.


In August 2014, the Berlin art gallery MD 72 arranged for them to be brought back to the south of France, to be offered for sale at the Art-O-Rama art fair In Marseille. Here are the works installed at the Art-O-Rama.


Certificates were attached to the reverse of the paintings which stated what was previously just spoken, that they can only be exhibited or sold in the Provence region or in Monaco.


A small window of opportunity was created to sell the works and also the rule-bound nature of this series was made concrete. Vive La France!


The paintings are all called "L'absinthe". The ones on the outside of the booth are dated 2011, the ones on the inside are dated 2010. Acrylic on Linen, 92 x 68 cm.













































































Thanks to Isabelle & Marta!


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